Price List

Price will depend on length of coat, condition, temperament and regular visits to the salon. A consultation will be done on arrival and a final price agreed before leaving your dog. If you have any questions about pricing or would like to arrange a free consultation, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Full Groom:

From £25.00

Full Groom:

From £30.00

Wash & Tidy:

From £22.00

Wash & Tidy:

From £25.00

Bath, Brush & Blowdry:


Bath, Brush & Blowdry:

From £25.00

Large Dogs
Full Groom:

From £45.00

Wash & Tidy:

From £35.00

Bath, Brush & Blowdry:

From £35

Puppy Groom
Breed Dependent
Tailored Groom:

From £15.00


Price on application

Please note that in the case of heavy matting that can still be brushed out comfortably, an extra £5-£10 will be charged. 

De-shedding Treatment:
Anal Glands:



Teeth Brush & Mouthwash:


Clip off*:


*In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, any severely matted coats that are proving to be uncomfortable to brush out will have to be clipped short for the dog’s safety, health and comfort. Should this be necessary, I will contact you first to discuss.

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