Sophia - Owner of Leo the Husky 

"Leo has a double coat and moults so much, especially in the summer! Georgia did a fantastic job on him, his shedding has calmed down as she brushed out his dead fur and he smells wonderful 😍 he can be quite nervous too however Georgia was so good with him 😊 we will definitely be coming regularly"

Sara - Owner of Dolly the Cavachon & Misha the Cavalier King Charles

"My two girls look so lovely thank you so much and being so kind and gentle with them will be back soon"

Angie - Owner of Maya the Bichon Poodle 

"I find out about Parker's Paws somehow very randomly, and even tho we are not local, a bit of travel was 100% worth it :) I brought a slightly messy girl 🙈 and collected a beautiful angel 😊 Maya looked absolutely relaxed and happy, which assures me that she was in good hands 🤗she is groomed to perfection, I really like it 👌 Georgia is very lovely and approachable lady 😊 We have found our perfect groomer"

Chloe - Owner of Louie the French Bulldog

"Cannot recommend Parkers paws enough. Took my French bulldog Louie for deshedding and could not believe the amount of hair that came off him! His coat feels so soft now!!! Thank you Georgia... will definitely be booking another visit! X"

Cristiana - Owner of Sydney the French Bulldog

"Sydney, my 3 month old Frenchie went to Georgia today for her first ever grooming experience and I can honestly say I’ve never seen Sydney so calm and relaxed. Sydney hates the water and still gets scared when meeting new people but Georgie handled her very well and I would 100% recommend her services!! Not to mention that my puppy now smells like heaven! Thanks Georgia, lets book another appointment!!"

Harley - Owner of Albert and Ralph the French Bulldogs

"So friendly, responsive and professional. Parker’s paws didn’t only treat my boys like little princes they gave me piece of mind that they where in safe hands the whole time they where away. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!"

Christine - Owner of Poppy the Springer Spaniel

"Hi Georgia, we have had so many compliments on Poppy's grooming. Thank you so much and she will be back!"